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Hailing from Japan, Chef Takatoshi's story started in college when he met Takayuki. Upon realizing his studies did not lead to his dream of becoming a ramen chef, he dropped out of college and began ...traveling all throughout Japan sampling and tasting the different kinds of ramen offered. He worked at three different ramen restaurants as the chief chef , before opening his very first ramen restaurant called Bigiya in 2009, located in Tokyo, Japan. Takatoshi is very selective about every single ingredient he uses, perhaps due to his strong sense of care and responsibility. Bigiya was eventually listed on Michelin Tokyo in 2015. It was the first year for Michelin Tokyo to list ramen restaurants, out of the 5000 ramen restaurants in tokyo, Bigiya was listed as one of the top 22 ramen restaurants. A true honor and accomplishment for any chef. The two Taka's reunited and decided that New York was the best place to bring true japanese ramen cuisine.
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